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and google it on the internet. >> and they're not all that complicated, difficult to make. fran townsend you're our homeland security analyst. you worked as the homeland security adviser to president bush. this pressure cooker type of bomb, i've been told that they are fairly, pretty evident in afghanistan, pakistan, maybe in iraq and not all that complicated to develop and certainly as gloria said you can go on the internet and get the instructions how to build them. >> that's right, wolf. the component pieces are readily available. it's easy to buy a pressure cooker. the circuitry to put it up -- hook it up to the timing device is not very complicated. and so you're unlikely to get sort of the kind of intelligence and leads that they had hoped for from looking at the signature of the bomb. what we haven't talked about, wolf, the special agent in charge in boston did say the component pieces they collected have been sent to the bomb analysis center in quantico, virginia. they'll be looking for fingerprints, dna, the sorts of things while not a signature for a bomb will lead you -- may lead
for theft of their store. >> reporter: google earth shows the area near the second blast. they could offer surveillance video. former assistant homeland security secretary juliet kian said how it could be pieced together with private videos or stills. >> you may look at a pictured and think, there's my dad finishing the race, and in the background there's a guy and he looks like he's doing something normal. if somebody has a picture four seconds later where he's dropping off a bag that that looks sort of strange, and then four seconds later there's another picture that shows him running, that doend end up being that easy, but that's how you put the pieces together. >> it could be that the behavior itself doesn't look suspicious, something's in a bag, they don't know what it is. it could be innocent. or it could be that there's a camera shot, but someone walks in front of it, and you can't see the perpetrator leaving a bomb behind. >> and again, new information tonight as to the kind of bombs being used, possibly in this attack. law enforcement officials saying that the bomb materials, the
during hard times like this, the stronger stay together and our nation is best at it. google yesterday quickly stepped in with a person finder web page to help anyone looking for someone involved in yesterday's race. david ortiz captured it, when these things happen, they happen anywhere, they happen anywhere around the world, but there is something hopefully an example that americans can set by their resilience and stepping up and showing that they are not afraid, that perhaps can give so solace to so many. our special coverage continues with anderson cooper and brooke baldwin. >>> good afternoon, everyone. i'm anderson cooper live in boston. this is our continuing live coverage of the terror attack here in boston. i'm standing about four blocks from the scene of the center of a massive investigation right now. >> and i'm brooke baldwin also live here in boston. what a past 24 hours it has been for doctors and nurses and these families here, right here where i'm standing at brigham and women's hospital in boston, they're treating more than two dozen victims from the bombings at the ma
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3